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Midshipman To Continue at Naval Academy Despite Mother's Death from Stray Bullets In Annapolis; Over $20,000 In Awards Announced For Information

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Police have yet to announce any arrests in the killing of Michelle Jordan Cummings, the mother of a prospective midshipman at the Naval Academy.

Cummings was killed when police say stray bullets struck her early yesterday morning as she was sitting on the patio of the Graduate Hotel on West Street. The bullets likely came from Pleasant Street behind the hotel. She came from Houston to watch her son Leonard Trey Cummings III's induction.

Police Chief Ed Jackson said police do know the circumstances of the shooting. But an investigation is ongoing, police are reviewing CCTV cameras and interviewing witnesses.

"Well, we know preliminarily that two people were sitting in a car, an SUV on Pleasant Street, adjacent to where the homicide occurred," said Jackson. "And shots rang out, and at least one of the shots more than one we believe struck Ms. Cummings."

The FBI and ATF both have committed agents, analysts and technical assistance to Annapolis Police in the investigation. The organizations are also offering a combined $20,000 award for information leading to an arrest, in addition to a $2,000 award that was offered by Metro Crime Stoppers Tuesday.

The officer in charge of plebe summer tells WJZ her son will continue in the Naval Academy despite the tragedy.

"He made the choice to stay here and join us for plebe summer," said Lt. Col. Todd McCarthy.

McCarthy said Cummings would be on leave briefly beforehand. "I couldn't be prouder of that young man."

A memorial fund for Cummings reached over $80,000 Wednesday afternoon.


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