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Michael Vick Congratulates Lamar Jackson On Beating His Record

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Lamar Jackson broke another record Thursday night's game and he was congratulated by Michael Vick after beating Vick's rushing record.

"Congratulations Lamar, we knew it was coming man!" Vick said in a video.

"Like I said, you was the guy for the job. You did it and you did it well. Keep rushing and set the bar high man!" Vick continued. "It's gonna be an amazing run for you. Appreciate everything you do for the game."

The Ravens quarterback surpassed the record for most yards rushed by a quarterback in a single season.


The record was broken within the first nine minutes of the game.

Running back Mark Ingram asked Jackson about breaking the record during a post-game interview with Erin Andrews.

"Aka Action Jackson, aka Era 8 apparel ... alright L, you broke Michael Vick's record man, you're the AFC North champions for the second year in a row, how it feel man? Tell me how it feel L freaky?" Ingram asked.

"It feel good, but you know we got a lot of season left to play and we got two more banners to hang up," Jackson said.

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