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Michael Phelps Named Fittest Man Of All Time

BALTIMORE (CBS Baltimore) – Michael Phelps has won again.

More than two months since he became the winningest Olympian in Olympic history, Phelps has been named by Men's Health as the fittest man of all time. The Baltimore native beat out fit men from the past, such as Charles Atlas, and those from the present, such as James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. Rounding out the top five was Bruce Lee at number two, followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLanne, and Herschel Walker.

Men's Health came to the conclusion that Phelps, arguably the greatest American Olympian of all time, was befit to wear the crown of fittest man of all time based on a number of items – including his five hour workout regimen, and of course the achievements Phelps was able to accomplish with the body he built.

Phelps talked to Men's Health about some of his workouts during the height of his swimming powers. "I was doing 10 workouts a week in the pool, three weight workouts plus three core workouts," he said. "It was totally intense."

Phelps wasn't the only Baltimore favorite to make the list. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis came in at No. 100, and "Iron Man" Cal Ripken was two spots ahead at 98. San Francisco 49ers tight end and former Maryland Terrapin standout Vernon Davis was listed as number 63.

Click here to see the full list from Men's Health.

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