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Med Students Find Out Their Residency On Match Day

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--Looking for the perfect match!

On Friday, medical students across the nation, including here in Baltimore learn exactly where their medical careers will take them next.

Mary Bubala has more.

Four years of studying at the University of Maryland School of Medicine comes down to an envelope. Everyone is hoping for the perfect match: the school they listed as #1 for their residency.

As a huge crowd watches inside the Hippodrome Theater medical students reveal the exciting news inside.

While students select their first, second and third choices, it's a computer that has the final say on their futures.

Elaine Bigelow is headed to Hopkins for ENT residency.

She says she's excited to stay here because she's on the Chesapeake Women's Rugby team.

"I  love this city I 'm really happy I get to stay, my mom is nearby I have a lot of wonderful family & friends here so I am thrilled," said Bigelow.

More than 50 members of the class of 2016 will stay in the State of Maryland for their residency training.

This is the second year the ceremony was held at the Hippodrome because the number of parents and family who want to witness it - keeps growing.

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