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Md. State Trooper Helps Deliver Baby On 695

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Maryland State Trooper got some real on-the-job training, as an expecting mom and dad asked for his help along 695.

Maryland State Trooper Edward Luers and another fellow trooper were working a little overtime at a construction site on I-695 when they were called into action. With decades of experience, you'd think he's seen it all, but there's always a first time for everything.

"Vehicle pulled up on the shoulder, a man comes running across waving his arms in a panic, 'Sir, my wife's in labor,' said Luers. In his 23 years, he's never had to deliver a baby while on the job.

New dad Juan Antonio has calmed down a bit since that initial scare, especially with the safe arrival of his new-born son. The 7-pound 3-ounce bundle of joy wasn't waiting a second longer to come into this world.

"Yes, I was a bit worried because everything happened so fast," said Juan Antonio.

Turns out dad was actually driving mom to the hospital when her water broke.

"It was something very quick. I didn't think in would happen in the car," said mom Monica Lopez.

But it did, and the shoulder of 695 went from highway to delivery room, with Trooper Luers and his partner helping every step of the way.

"Next thing you hear the mother said here he comes and with one push the baby came out," said Luers.

Mom and dad are forever grateful, and now anxious to tell their little one about his journey that's sure to go a few miles.

Hospital officials tell WJZ one of the troopers stopped by the hospital to deliver flowers and make sure mom, dad, and baby were okay.

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