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Md. Pumpkin Patches Are Plentiful This Year

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—With Halloween just around the corner, it's time for the great pumpkin. Last October they were hard to find in Baltimore.

Ron Matz reports it's a much different story this year.

Kids of all ages love pumpkins, and they're loaded with them at Weber's Cider Mill Farm. It's that time of year.

"I love the fall. I love the weather change, the leaves falling and the warm food, and it's going to be my daughter's first Halloween that she'll enjoy. Last year she was a little too young. She's going to be a ladybug," said Kim Edwards, of Patterson Park.

"It's everybody getting together, the children sharing the pumpkins. We're having a good time," said Lola Willis, of Northeast Baltimore.

The good times are rolling here. Heavy rains damaged last year's crop. This year the gourds are gorgeous and gigantic.

"It's night and day since last year," said Steve Weber, Weber's Cider Mill Farm. "It's nice to have a supply. We had a great crop. I've noticed from the calls I've been getting from other growers. They're calling me saying 'Hey, we got extra.' It's been a great year."

Pumpkin pretzels, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pies, it's a happy Halloween for everyone.

"The majority of folks want the traditional face pumpkin. That's what we sell the most of. Almost 200 tons of them," Weber said.

There's a Cinderella pumpkin and even a fairy tale pumpkin. They come in all shapes and sizes.

"Because Halloween has gotten to be such a big deal, people are looking for novelty pumpkins. And there's a bunch of them out there," Weber said.

It's a great time for the great pumpkin in Baltimore.

"The supply is good. We're set. We have pumpkins right up to Halloween Eve. It's a busy night, the 30th, for last-minute shoppers. We have the lights on, and we're under cover," Weber said.

Weber's Cider Mill Farm expects to sell about 200 tons of traditional pumpkins this year.

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