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Giordano Denies Involvement In Aruba Disappearance

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- His side of the story. The only man suspected in the disappearance of a Maryland woman in Aruba finally talks about what happened the day she vanished.

Mike Hellgren has more on what Gary Giordano is saying.

There were reports that they were drinking heavily when she disappeared. He now claims they were not drunk at the time and he says she may have been captured by a human trafficking ring.

In his first interview after being released from an Aruban jail, Gary Giordano refused to answer questions about how Robyn Gardner disappeared.

The two from Maryland were on vacation when she vanished.

"I'm not going to sit here and answer something I've answered repeatedly," he said.

So what does Giordano think happened to Gardner? He told Good Morning America, she was likely a victim of human trafficking.

"Where we were, it takes a half hour to drive a boat to Venezuela," he said.

Robin Roberts on GMA: "They want to know if you had anything to do with this."
Giordano: "Absolutely not."

And why did he buy travel insurance-- more than a million dollars worth-- on both of them? In short, he says for his kids.

"If I go traveling, and I disappear, I want them to be covered. I can't unselect Robyn," he said.

He claims his lawyer at the time made him call the insurer about collecting it and wanted a third of the money.

Giordano also spoke about his reportedly suspicious behavior after Gardner vanished, including whether before his arrest, he tried to flee the airport.

He says Gardner's mom told him it was OK to go home. But he didn't get far.

"The head of detectives says, 'We're arresting you for the murder of Robyn Gardner,'" Giordano said.

Gardner's family is devastated.

Her brother wrote this message to her on Facebook: "I feel helpless, depressed, and angry. The nightmare is waking up and facing another day of reality. I miss you. I need you. I love you. Please come home."

When Giordano was asked what he would have done differently, he said he would never have gone to Aruba in the first place.

Giordano's lawyer said his client will go back to Aruba if he is needed in the investigation, and he will not run from authorities.

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