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Md. Foundation Turns Tragedy Into Teaching Tool

MONKTON, Md. (WJZ) -- A Maryland production company is turning tragedy into a powerful learning tool, educating high school and college students about the dangers of relationship violence.

Jessica Kartalija has the story.

The One Love Foundation is working to educate the younger generation to recognize relationship violence before it gets out of control.

A home in Monkton was transformed into what looks like a Hollywood movie set, but the story has a powerful message.

"All you have to say is one in three. One in three in baseball is a great average but one in three in relationship violence is terrible. It's gone unrecognized for far too long," said Tim Watkins.

Watkins is the CEO of Renegade Communications, a Hunt Valley production company partnering with the One Love Foundation to create a digital educational piece about relationship violence.

"We would do anything to try and prevent another family from going through what we've had to go through, and it thrills us to think that people will pay attention to this and get out and save themselves," said Sharon Love.

Love started the One Love Foundation in memory of her daughter, Yeardley, a University of Virginia lacrosse player beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend.

The presentation is part of a campaign aimed at 16 to 24 year olds and highlights the signals of relationship violence.

Samantha Able plays the main character, Paige.

"There aren't that many opportunities to do something in the arts where you really feel like you are making an impact on something," Able said.

Renegade and One Love have also created a danger assessment app and public service announcement to help prevent relationship violence.

"Turn our tragedy into a positive and to honor Yeardley in that way. She would want us to do something about this," Love said.

The presentation will be available online for schools and colleges to use in classrooms and will also have interactive portions for students to participate.

The final presentation will also have women giving personal accounts of their experience with relationship violence.

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