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Md. DNR Makes It Easier To Get Hunting Or Fishing License

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- If you're purchasing a hunting or fishing license in Maryland, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is making it a little easier for you.

Tim Williams reports a self-serve website will be launched in a few weeks.

The way you purchase a Maryland hunting or fishing license is about to head in a much easier direction.

"We're calling it COMPASS, which is completely web-based," said Len Singel of the DNR.

By month's end, the DNR will launch a new user-friendly online registration system for hunting, fishing and off-road vehicles. COMPASS will automatically issue a DNR ID card to enrolled customers and sports license agents within minutes.

"After purchase, we email the license to the customer. So if there is any problem at any of our sports licensing agents with printer malfunctions or system errors, 30 minutes after they purchase, they can get an electronic version of their license, and they can show it on their mobile phone, which is a valid license, as well," Singel said.

The company responsible for the new design is local. JMT Technology Group is in Sparks, Baltimore County. DNR and software designer JMT expect this technology to streamline the licensing process in Maryland but there is a larger goal. If the system works well here, other government agencies across the county could begin using it, as well.

The system will be fully online March 26.

For a link to the DNR website, click here.

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