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Marylanders react to former President Trump's guilty verdicts: "It's horrible for our country"

Marylanders react to former President Trump's guilty verdicts
Marylanders react to former President Trump's guilty verdicts 03:06

BALTIMORE - Marylanders had mixed reactions after former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 charges in his "hush money" trial.

Some told WJZ they were happy with the guilty verdict, while others said they were disappointed.

"It's shocking, very shocking," said Bel Air resident Bobby Duncan.

The jury believed Trump falsified business records to cover up a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 elections. He will be sentenced on July 11.

"The crimes he has committed against the U.S. and across the world, it's atrocious," Bel Air resident Liesl Nydegger said.

"I think it's horrible for our country. I don't know what else to say," Duncan added.

Trump is now considered a convicted felon but he is still the presumptive Republican nominee in November's presidential election.

Marylanders were asked about their thoughts on the unprecedented decision.

"I'm not surprised," Bel Air resident Kevin Bodie said, "I think the kind of chaos tends to ensue when it's an election year and I kind of was expecting it." 

Legal expert describes what's next after Donald Trump conviction 03:47

Some told WJZ they were against the verdict.

"I'm disappointed in our justice system, disappointed in the federal government, should've never happened," Duncan said.

While others agreed with the jury's decision. 

"I'm happy he's guilty because nobody is above the law, not the President of the United States, not anybody," Nydegger said.

Because Thursday's conviction marked a first in U.S. history, many questioned how this verdict holds up against the U.S. Constitution, and how it will impact Trump's third run for the White House.

"I just hope that it doesn't muddy the waters during the election," Bodie said. "I'd like to see Trump have at least an honest opportunity to become president."

Baltimore legal expert Adam Ruther told WJZ that the law of the land doesn't specify if it is limited in what should come next for the former president and his campaign. 

"Scholars who are a lot better versed, that seems to be an open question," Ruther said.

Because our Founding Fathers did not include a scenario like this in our country's constitution, whether or not Trump's presidential run remains uncertain, which begs many to wonder if the nation's high court will now need to get involved in the legal chaos surrounding this year's election.

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