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Maryland Zoo donkeys predict Super Bowl winner

Maryland Zoo's Mediterranean donkeys make Super Bowl prediction
Maryland Zoo's Mediterranean donkeys make Super Bowl prediction 00:44

BALTIMORE – Two Mediterranean donkeys from the Maryland Zoo have made their predictions for this year's Super Bowl winner.  

The two donkeys, Harry and Floyd, are not new to this. As an annual tradition, both animals get a chance to choose which team will take home the Vince Lombardi trophy.

As tradition goes, Harry and Floyd bite inside an herb-filled football to make their predictions. 

"It's hard to say if one team emerged as their clear favorite. But, with delicious veggies inside each football, the real winner of this contest was the donkeys themselves" the Maryland Zoo said. 

Watch the two make their special picks here

This exercise is critical for their well-being. It keeps the donkeys mentally and physically active while also giving the Zoo an opportunity to learn their species-typical behavior.    

The zoo says the enrichment activity is as important to animal welfare as nutrition and veterinary care. 

To learn more about Mediterranean donkeys and more animals at the Maryland Zoo click the link here

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