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Maryland Weather: The Coldest Air Of The Season Has Arrived, Courtesy Of Greenland

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- An Arctic air mass has arrived, traveling all the way from Greenland over the past week! Our weather team ran NOAA's Air Resources Laboratory HYSPLIT computer model earlier to trace the most likely trajectory of this bitter blast of air, and we were able to trace it back to Greenland 7 days ago!

This is the coldest air of the season so far, and we haven't even entered the coldest time of the year, on average for the Baltimore area. The coldest time of the year for the Baltimore area begins January 13th and lasts through the 29th. Where the average high is around 43, and the average low is 25.

This Arctic blast is coupled with blustery northwest winds, resulting in wind chill values much colder than the actual air temperature. Our body naturally generates a layer of heat, but blustery northwest winds are working to push that layer of heat away from our skin, making the wind chill or apparent temperature feel much colder.

Even colder air will spill south tonight allowing overnight low temperatures to fall into the 10s for many across the state.

Wind chill values are projected to be in the single digits by tomorrow morning, and it will feel like the 10s for much of the day. Full winter gear is recommended if you plan on spending any time outdoors over the next 36 hours. Be sure to bundle up, protect yourself and your pets!

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