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Maryland Weather Forecast: Warmer Temperatures Are On The Way

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Mother Nature has paved the way for a mild Presidents Day.

There was a notable 24-hour change between Sunday and Monday as Baltimore moved toward the spring.

Weather is typically a slow-moving drama with new twists and turns added on a daily basis. But lately, it has functioned as a roller coaster with temperatures dipping and rising.

Today there is a dunny high in the very low 60's.

That temperature will rise to almost 70 degrees on Wednesday.

But then it will go from much warmer to much colder—from frigid to cold and with the potential for wintry weather.

It's time to get super stingy and find some "me time" while the weather is pleasant. Jimmy Buffett might say it is time to "renew your license to chill" before the chill.

March could be a difficult month.

If you're new to "the land of pleasant living," then you're about to find out that it will take a while for Spring to give you a hug.

March can—and usually is—long, chilly, and windy. Ice and snow are not out of the question during that month. It will certainly try your patience.

So, store up some mild temperature experiences while you can.

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