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Maryland Weather: A cloudy, wet purple Friday

BALTIMORE-- Our purple Friday is off to a pretty chilly start, much of the state woke up to temps in the mid 50's; Westminster started the day in the low 40's. 


Expect gray skies with thicker clouds and wet weather arriving later this evening as the remnants of Hurricane Ian makes its way up the coast. 

Due to the dry conditions over the past few days, Baltimore will likely pick up 2 to 4 inches of rain with isolated flooding. This weekend will likely not have any damaging winds, but gusty NE winds.   

The bulk of rain we are expecting is coming tonight as we head into Saturday.

Moderate rain showers will linger around through Sunday and will slowly make their way out Monday.


By Tuesday, our conditions get drier and sunnier. Clouds continue to lessen as the work week progress. By Thursday, we warm up to reach temps in the low 70's.

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