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Maryland's most popular baby names in 2022 revealed

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BALTIMORE -- The Social Security Administration released state-by-state breakdowns of the most popular baby names in 2022, and if you're a Marylander who named your newborn Liam or Ava, they're likely going to hear their names a lot in school. 

Those two names topped the list in Maryland. Last year, 421 newborn boys were named Liam, trailed far behind by 310 named Noah, and 239 named James.

Liam was also the nation's most popular boy's name in 2022 and has held that title for the last six years. 

Maryland's top baby names of 2022 Social Security Administration

Olivia, which has held the national top spot for four years, missed Maryland's mark by one baby. 

Ava won by a close shave, with 225 newborn girls presuming that name, compared to 224 for Olivia, and 222 for Charlotte.

Nationally there aren't many changes to the top 10 — but one name made it for the first time. Luna has crept in at number 10, according to the Social Security Administration, which keeps tabs on names. 

The agency has been releasing lists of the top U.S. baby names since 1997. 

The agency reports there were 3,648,019 births in the U.S. in 2022. The name Liam was given to 20,456 babies — about 1.097% of the total births. Olivia was given to 16,573 babies — 0.9288% of total births. 

You can explore the full "top baby name list" and even look up the popularity of your own name through the years on the agency's website,

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