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Maryland Soldier Surprises Son With Reunion At Severn Elementary

SEVERN, Md. (WJZ) -- There was more than lunch waiting in the cafeteria Friday for one Severn Elementary School student.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Elwin Crowner returned from his overseas deployment and drove straight from the airport to the school to surprise his son, Christian.

WJZ was there for the surprise reunion when Christian was starting his lunch. Shortly after he enters the cafeteria, his father swoops in for a hug, and the boy's eyes go wide when he realizes who it is.


"What's up, buddy? How ya doing?" Crowner can be heard asking his son. "I'm back!"

The pair then shared what we would imagine was a much-needed hug after spending so much time apart.

"I was excited. I knew it would be fun to come in here and surprise my son and I knew he would love it," said Elwin.

Christian's mom, Jasmine said that he was trooper while Dad was gone and helped out a lot around the house and with with his little brother. 

But the reunion was a moment they were all looking forward to. 

"It was very emotional. Christian definitely deserved this day," said Jasmine. 

The family is planning to enjoy some time together during Christian's upcoming spring break. 

The father and son also plan to go golfing together. 

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