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Maryland Man Daniel Egtvedt Charged After Allegedly Fighting Officers, Shouting 'Shoot Me' At Capitol Riots

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- Another Maryland man was charged in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Daniel Dean Egtvedt of Oakland is accused of fighting repeatedly with officers in the halls of U.S. Capitol while screaming at the top of his lungs and shouting "shoot me" at police.

According to a newly unsealed federal affidavit, Egtvedt was spotted at the U.S. Capitol around 2:47 p.m. in a video posted on Parler. That's when he was standing in the doorway of the building and was trying to wipe off a chemical irritant from his face and nose. He was attempting to enter the building by pushing his way through the line of Capitol Police officers.

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Then around 3:08 p.m., Egtvedt was spotted in another Parler video from inside the U.S. Capitol. In that video, he was seen walking through the hallways with other rioters who gained entry inside.

Daniel Dean Egtvedt 2
Daniel Dean Egtvedt. Credit: FBI

A police officer said that it looked like Egtvedt was trying to leave, but then when he changed his mind several officers tried to stop him from returning, according to the affidavit.

Another officer said Egtvedt rushed at her while screaming at her to "shoot him" three times. He then grabbed that officer with both of his hands and grabbed her left arm and wouldn't let her go.

Egtvedt was described as generally non-compliant, screaming, and incoherent" and "screaming at the top of his lungs."

Another officer tried to grab him by the waist, but could not due to his size, the affidavit said. The officer then pushed Egtvedt toward the door and "held on for dear life."

Several other officers tried to help remove Egtvedt from the building, while he swung at officers. Plain-clothes officers again tried to remove him from the building, according to the affidavit, but he again swung at them.

Surveillance cameras and other footage caught Egtvedt swinging at officers, while they attempted to remove him from the building.

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