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Maryland Fleet Week brings military vessels to Inner Harbor. Here's your chance for a tour.

Want to tour a US Navy vessel? Fleet Week is at the Inner Harbor.
Want to tour a US Navy vessel? Fleet Week is at the Inner Harbor. 03:20

BALTIMORE - Maryland Fleet Week is in full swing around Baltimore's Inner Harbor with military ships, a flyover and a festival over the weekend. 

One of those military ships docked is the USS Fort Lauderdale and the USS Marinette, two vessels of the U.S. Navy.

Men and women of the U.S. Navy can be seen all across downtown Baltimore sightseeing, even frequenting our local restaurants, as they welcome eager visitors aboard the ships.

"We keep hearing this is one of the smaller ships, but it's pretty big by our standards," Virginia resident Spencer Brudno, who was checking out the USS Marinette."

As people boarded the USS Marinette, a small Navy vessel, they were met with Naval officers consistently thanked for their service. 

"So, I love Baltimore," said U.S. Navy Lt. Jacob Ryan. "Baltimore is a really cool city and I'm super excited for the public to interact with the sailors and the ships that we brought here."

"Honestly, I love it," added Jazmere Stewart, an IT Steward with the U.S. Navy. "I've been met with nothing but hospitality and everyone is thanking me for my service. Everyone's trying to make sure I have a great time."

Visitors on board the ships navigated the same quarters that these men and women serve from while taking pictures and capturing their moment of glory with the American Flag waving so proudly from Federal Hill.

Stewart's mother also served, giving her roots growing up in Maryland and the insights of the go-to for food recommendations. 

"They actually love it," Stewart said. "Everyone keeps coming to me, asking me for places to do, things to do. I tried out this place called Shirley's this morning and when I tell you, I threw out, I had a lot of fun there."

And while they explore all Baltimore has to offer, it's the gratitude they hold higher when they see veterans and fellow Americans who are fascinated by the ships' tight quarters and even more thankful for their service. 

"We really respect our military service people that spend all their lives trying to make us safe and that's really important,: Brudno said.

"It makes me proud to know that there's a rich legal legacy that came before me, and then we took from that, we learned from that and we made ourselves better and we wouldn't be the military that we are today," Ryan said. "And we wouldn't be the navy that we are today without them."

Here's what you need to know about Fleet Week which goes until June 18.

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