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Maryland Family To Donate Wheelchair, Raise Funds In Memory Of Son With Special Needs

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Timothy "Timmy" Johnson's parents marked his 25th birthday Wednesday by sorting through old pictures at their Howard County home.

 "He fit so much into that life and blessed so many people with his presence," Timmy's father, Philip Johnson, said. "I just recall a person who lived a full life."

Timmy died on May 7, 25 days shy of his 25th birthday. He had cerebral palsy, a feeding and seizure disorder, an intellectual disability, and was legally blind.

"Even though he had these disabilities, there was nothing stopping him from participating with his family," Timmy's mother, Karen Johnson, said. "We didn't know what else to do but to love on him, and we still continue to love on him as we continue his memory on."

Timmy graduated from Cedar Lane School in 2018 and lived at an adult care facility since 2019. He contracted COVID-19 three times and was hospitalized multiple times. His parents say they don't know Timmy's exact cause of death.

"We looked forward to making those doctor's appointments because we knew we'd be able to see him," Philip Johnson said.

The COVID-19 lockdowns had prevented the family from visiting Timmy. Those doctor's appointments were when they could be together.

The Johnsons are planning on pushing Timmy's new custom wheelchair at Cedar Lane School's "Walk For Our Stars!" fundraiser in October. They plan on donating the wheelchair to a family in need.

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