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As More Marylanders Being Tested For Coronavirus; State Officials Prepare

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Six more people tested negative for coronavirus in Maryland, but now state health officials say they are testing one more person for the coronavirus COVID-19.

On Tuesday morning, Maryland health officials said seven new patients are being tested for coronavirus.


Last week, the Maryland health department said they were testing three patients, two of whom had recently returned from travel to China. So far 13 people have been or are being tested for coronavirus in the state.

Maryland is home to some of the best medical and research facilities in the world, and these partners are working closely with the U.S. and among those local partners is Johns Hopkins University.

They hosted a webcast Monday to address the concerns surrounding COVID-19, days after President Trump referred to a Hopkins study.

"Johns Hopkins I guess is a highly respected, great place." President Trump said.

He said the U.S. is the most prepared country in the world.

"We're rated number one for being prepared." President Trump said.

Those who created the study said there's more to it.

"The president was right, the U.S. does score highest but even the United States is not fully prepared and there are number of areas where additional work is needed." said Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Hopkins doctors are cautioning the public that as this disease spreads, so does false information.

"Anything you see that says it cures coronavirus is false." said Tara Kirk Sell, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. "There's fake cures and then there are also different efforts to blame different populations. We also see an effort to try to buy and stockpile masks which aren't effective to protect yourself."

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was among the governors at the White House to discuss the coronavirus and Vice President Pence has pledged to meet with the governors via teleconference on a weekly basis.

In an exclusive interview, he spoke with WJZ about the briefing at the White House.

"I can tell you right now I believe that it's good to have the administration speaking in one voice and to have elevated it to such a high level where the Vice President is working across agencies and that they are communicating with every single governor." He said.

He said they discussed funding and how the federal government would step in to help states if the situation gets even worse.

Congress is expected to consider a multi-billion dollar emergency funding package later this week.

Back in Maryland, officials are still waiting for the test results for the sixth person being tested.

"Right now, today, on this day, Monday. If you look at the country as a whole, the risk is low." said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director NIH.

Gov. Hogan said in the event things get worse, the state is prepared to keep kids home from school.

"We are obviously concerned about our kids in schools, we are also really concerned about older people in our nursing homes and hospitals where it seems as if they are even at more risk than kids." Gov. Hogan said.

This story was updated Tuesday, March 3. 2020. 

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