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Md. Citizens Learning Skills To Save Lives In The Event Of A Violent Attack

NORRISVILLE, Md. (WJZ)-- In a world increasingly on guard for mass shootings and terror attacks, everyday citizens are arming themselves with the skills to save their friends and neighbors.

A program called Bleeding Control aims to teach everyday Americans life-saving skills like using hands, dressings, and tourniquets to stop bleeding in the case of a violent attack in Maryland.

Active shooter and terror attack classes are about the precious minutes in between a severe injury happening and the doors of the emergency room, buying time when seconds matter.

In mere minutes, bullets rained down on concertgoers in Las Vegas and stole 58 lives.

The unthinkable horror left hundreds more wounded and everyday Americans stepping in to save lives before ambulances arrived.

"We cannot get there instantaneously after these events happen," said Greg Dietrich of the Norrisville Volunteer Fire Company. "Oftentimes the public are the first ones that are on the scene of these incidents, and people can bleed to death from a major hemorrhage within five minutes."

"this training today is very helpful, and i feel like i could have a positive impact if there was a tragedy," school secretary Marcia Morris said.

Marylanders saw the tragic fallout of a mass workplace shooting just last month when a worker opened fire at Advanced Granite Solutions, shooting five people, killing three.

Armed with new knowledge, first responders hope training for the worst could change tragic outcomes in the future.

"They can start treating the patients before we even get there, and potentially help save a life,"

The Bleeding Control organization offers basic classes all over the country. There are more than a dozen scheduled at Shock Trauma in the coming months.

Bleeding Control is part of a national directive put forth by former President Barack Obama to prepare Americans for safety threats.

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