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Maryland Beaches Rated Among Best In Nation

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- When it comes to beaches, Maryland scores very high for clean water.

Alex DeMetrick reports an annual survey finds the water isn't just fine for swimming, it's safe.

When life deals you a day at the beach, it's hard not to have a good time--provided the water is safe to swim in. For parents, that's often an issue.

"There's so much bacteria and everything in the waters nowadays you don't know where you can go swim at," said Charles Sawyer, father.

So each summer, the Natural Resources Defense Council lists water quality readings for the nation's beaches.

This year, Assateague Island in Maryland is ranked as a superstar beach for clean water. The survey also ranked the state fourth best in the U.S. based on lab work conducted by county and state agencies measuring the contaminates that make people sick.

"What's measured are bacterial levels that can indicate the possible presence of pathogens and viruses," said Jay Apperson, Maryland Department of Environment.

Sandy Point State Beach also ranks high for good water quality, along with Point Lookout and Mayo Beach. That's more than bragging rights.

"Cause you don't want your kids to pick up any bad germs and stuff like that. So definitely coming here makes us feel a lot better," said Rebecca Johnson, Sandy Point.

Beach visitors can also do their part to keep the water safe.

"Not change diapers near the water or introduce other potential sources of contamination," Apperson said.

"We've been trying to do a lot for our water and environment and I think it's coming along pretty good," said Jessica Fales, Sandy Point.

So how about the state's biggest beach in Ocean City? Maryland's Department of Environment says it test among the cleanest. So come on in, the water really is fine.

If your beach-going takes you to Delaware, the survey rates Dewey Beach the best for water quality.

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