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Marilyn Mosby still calling for presidential pardon with sentencing days away

Marilyn Mosby continues pushing for presidential pardon ahead of sentencing
Marilyn Mosby continues pushing for presidential pardon ahead of sentencing 02:39

BALTIMORE -- Former Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is just days away from her sentencing, months after juries in two separate trials convicted her on counts of perjury and mortgage fraud.

Mosby has claimed these charges were politically and racially motivated. She even mounted a national campaign in the last few weeks for a presidential pardon.

In November and February, juries found Mosby guilty for lying in regard to a vacation home mortgage and for withdrawing from her retirement account early under the pretense of COVID-related hardship.

Alternatives to prison

In a court filing Monday, Mosby's attorneys continued to call for an alternative to prison time, like probation, citing the negative impact on her children as a reason.

Mosby has also been stumping hard for a pardon from President Joe Biden -- appearing on MSNBC and the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club.

"I have been accused of doing something I have not done. I'm innocent. I'm facing 40 years for withdrawing funds from my retirement savings," Mosby said on The Breakfast Club. "The United States government, a global superpower, is coming for me."

Prosecutors have called for 20 months of prison time.   

In court filings, prosecutors have criticized Mosby's press tour.

"She has displayed no remorse; she accepts no responsibility; she has no regrets for her actions; and she has consistently worked to undermine public faith in the justice system for her own benefit," prosecutors said in the filing.

In response to prosecutors, Mosby's attorneys said in court filings that, "Ms. Mosby has every right to maintain her innocence indefinitely."

Mosby's push for a pardon

More than a dozen civil rights organizations have pledged support for Mosby's pardon, as well as a number of high-profile names. One of the most recent names to support Mosby is Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.

So far in his term, Mr. Biden has pardoned 24 people.

Prosecutors have also filed to seize her condo in Longboat Key, Florida. Mosby's attorneys said in court filings the government hasn't proved it's entitled to do that.

Mosby faces up to 40 years in federal prison, with her sentencing set for May 23.  While she's unlikely to receive the maximum sentence, her defense has been pushing for leniency

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