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Marilyn Mosby, Prosecutor In Freddie Gray Case, Made Early Appearance On 'Judge Judy'

BALTIMORE (CBS Baltimore)-- Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore's State Attorney, made an early appearance on Judge Judy as a 20-year-old college student pleading her case.

Mosby appeared on the show after a neighbor knocked down her door and trashed the apartment while she was away on summer break. Judge Judy ultimately ruled in Mosby's favor,  awarding her $1731.90 to pay for the damage.

A spokeswoman for the state's attorney's office confirmed to WJZ media partner The Baltimore Sun that the plaintiff was, in fact, Mosby.

Mosby, now 35, was reportedly a student at Tuskagee University in 2000 when the episode was filmed.

"I feel like there's finally some justice served," Mosby says on the episode. "I tried to speak to the DA. I spoke to police officers and finally Judge Judy, she finally gave me justice."

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