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Baltimore City Councilwoman Introduces Ordinance Banning Marijuana Testing For Some City Job Applicants

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Applicants for many jobs with the city of Baltimore could avoid being screened for marijuana usage under an ordinance introduced by city councilwoman Shannon Sneed Monday.

The bill would ban pre-employment screening tests for tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, for those applying for some city jobs.

City councilwoman Shannon Sneed said in a series of tweets Monday evening the tests could keep otherwise qualified applicants from employment "due to private recreational activities."

"If it came up in your system and you're a good candidate, I would think we want the best candidate," she tweeted.

Applicants for jobs with the health department, fire department or positions requiring certain security clearances or a commercial driver's license would not be included in the ban and could still be tested.

As it's currently written, the ordinance would take effect one year after the date it's enacted.

City councilmembers Ryan Dorsey, John Bullock, Bill Henry, Kristerfer Burnett and Edward Reisinger are also listed as sponsors of the bill.

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