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Many Baltimore Families Opting To Enjoy Holiday Weekend At Home

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Enjoy the holiday weekend at home. There is a big push for Baltimore families to vacation--or--staycation, which keeps your money in your community.

Marcus Washington has more.

The idea of vacationing is to get away, but many will tell you--why go anywhere when there is so much to do here in Baltimore?

"Well, I have my family here with me. Some of them are from Florida and the others are from Austria. And so, they wanted to have crabs while they were here, and that's why we're here. Last night, we went to an Orioles game. Unfortunately, they lost. But we had a good time," said Angie Beltram.

We found Angie Beltram and her family, who are taking in the sights and tastes of Baltimore at Costas Inn.

"Come here. You can get crab cakes. You can get the steamed crabs. You can have some drinks and the nice family atmosphere that's here," said Karen Gallion, Costas Inn.

Local restaurants are affected by summer travel as many families go away.

Maryland's comptroller is showing people that exploring your own backyard is not only cheaper, but just as fun as a weekend getaway.

"Here's a wonderfully diverse, exciting, vibrant city of Baltimore with all these tremendous things that kids and families can participate in," said Comptroller Peter Franchot.

The places are endless--from the Inner Harbor to the National Aquarium--and those are just two locations within the city.

Many people travel to Charm City for fun, so why not enjoy what so many come here to enjoy?

Washington: "Would you say your family is having a good time?"

Beltram: "I think. They better be, or I don't want to hear about it."

If you're sticking around for the Fourth of July, the Inner Harbor fireworks start at 9:30 p.m.

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