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Man Takes To Rooftops To Encourage Voter Participation

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Going to new heights in Sandtown to make a difference. The latest effort to make sure voices are heard during this next election.

Tracey Leong explains.

Getting people to vote---why one man is taking the movement 30 feet above ground, camping out on a roof until he gets what he wants.

It's a simple request: vote and the pastor can come off the roof.

"It is a peaceful and nonviolent way of protesting and so many people have given their lives to give us the opportunity to vote," said Elder Harris, Newborn Community of Faith Church.

Elder Harris, 66, is taking a stand for his Sandtown community, where voter turnout has been historically low. During the 2014 primary, only 257 people fulfilled their civic duty.

Elder Harris demands to at least double that number this time around.

"Something bold needed to happen to wake up our community," Harris said.

Last April, violence erupted near his neighborhood following the death of Freddie Gray. Elder Harris has been working to rebuild and uplift his community following the chaos and he believes it starts with voting.

Which is why he'll camp out on this roof day and night to get results.

"What I am doing is nothing in comparison to what our forefathers and mothers have done to give us what I call a day of celebration," Harris said.

Elder Harris tells WJZ he is willing to go to extreme levels to get people to vote and for the presidential election, people will just need to wait and see what he has planned.

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