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Man Files Multi-Million Dollar Police Brutality Suit Against Officer

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Baltimore City man is seeking $5 million after he says a police officer beat him up for no reason at all---but he may get less than that if he wins.

Rochelle Ritchie has video of the incident and just how much the man could actually get.

According to the alleged victims' attorney, once a judge takes a look at the case, he or she is more likely to drop the amount to $5 million.

The video tape shows the victim being punched in the face repeatedly. It shows the moment the man says he was attacked by an officer with the Baltimore City police department. The man in red is Kollin Truss and the officer his attorneys say is repeatedly punching him is Officer Vincent Cosom with Baltimore City police.

"This isn't Baltimore justice; this is Baltimore horror," said attorney Tony Garcia.

In a 15 page complaint filed in circuit court, the events of that night are laid out from the moment Truss first encountered the officers to the first blow.

"The officer gets mad our client is looking down at the ground---not resisting--and the officer does what they call sucker punching the client," said attorney Ivan Bates.

But the police department says Truss disobeyed the officer's original orders to stop loitering.

In a statement of probable cause, when Cosom asked him to leave, he says Truss stated `[expletive] you. I will see you when I get outside."

Video shows the moment Truss stepped outside and was approached by Officer Cosom again. Words were exchanged and a woman tried to pull Truss away.

The officer said Truss and the woman got into a verbal argument across the street and Truss pushed her three times. He says he went to make an arrest and that's when Truss got into a fighting stance.

Still, Truss' attorney says the officer's actions were excessive.

"Too often we have seen this pattern before where a person is stripped of their dignity. They are asked to submit their rights and then charged by the person who assaulted him," said Garcia.

Truss was charged with misdemeanors, including assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication. The charges were dropped.

The case was filed at the state's attorney's office but was thrown out.

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