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Man Featured On MTV's 'Catfish' Arrested For Making Terror Threats

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- A D.C. man who appeared in the show Catfish has been arrested.

Jessica Kartalija explains he's accused of making terror threats.

The threats were made against the D.C. Metro transit system over the past five months.

The threats began last December when Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman, also known as "Kidd Cole," threatened to blow up a station, ambush a presidential motorcade and kill an officer.

"In each of the incidents, he used a fake British accent. We were able to match that through voice analysis," said Captain Warren Donald, Metropolitan Police Department. "We were able to match some of his whereabouts through video footage and track some of his locations when the threats where made through cell phone data."

In another threat, he said there was a bomb at McPherson Square Metro Station near the White House, and he made several threats involving Metro buses.

"One of the most disturbing incidents was while he was on a bus, he made a threat and said another patron that was on board the bus was the actual person that was making the threat. He identified that person," said Donald.

Stone-Coleman was arrested and in none of the cases was there any real threat -- but the stations were evacuated, with response from police and fire departments.

"Each of these incidents were taken seriously when they were called in," said Donald. "Officers oftentimes responded with lights and sirens. So in that type of response, of course, other motorists, other pedestrians could be put at risk."

Stone-Coleman, also known as "Kidd Cole," was featured on MTV's reality show Catfish last May. The show documents people pretending to be someone they're not, posting false information.

Stone-Coleman was arrested by Metro Transit Police Wednesday morning on charges of making terror threats against Metro stations, buses and trains throughout the D.C. area.

Detectives used cell phone records, digital video surveillance from stations and buses and telephone audio to identify Stone-Coleman.

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