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Lt. Gov. Brown, David Craig To Announce Picks For Running Mate

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Staking claims in campaign 2014. The governor's race is shaping up.

Pat Warren has more on the lineup.

The Howard and Harford County executives have both thrown their names into the gubernatorial ring.

Campaign 2014--the clash of the county executives.

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown follows up his declaration of candidacy for governor with an announcement that Howard County Executive Ken Ulman will be his running mate in the Democratic primary.

Harford County Executive David Craig is running for governor in the Republican primary.

"And he has points of attack. For example, there's the recent scandal about the detention center in Baltimore," said analyst Matthew Crenson. "There have been tax increases under O'Malley, which he'll also attack, and he'll try to pin that record on Anthony Brown if Anthony Brown is the nominee."

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman was widely thought to be considering a run for governor as well, but analyst Matthew Crenson sees a good fit in a Brown-Ulman ticket.

"He's young, not yet 40, so he has time to wait to run for governor," Crenson said.

Sheer numbers dictate whoever wins the Democratic primary will have an advantage over the Republican primary winner. And Craig knows that.

"I run for the office for the people, I don't run against anybody. So the fact that there will be somebody over there running is not a big concern to me," Craig said.

But with other candidates still weighing their options, at this point, there's no telling who will be running against whom in the coming election.

Both the Craig and Ulman announcements will be made on Monday.

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