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Loyola University Maryland's Radio Show 'What Happens Next' Tells Stories Through Local Kids

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Loyola University in Maryland's student-run radio station is looking for a few kids to star in a weekly radio show designed to spark their imagination.

The show, "What Happens Next?" is 11 years strong. Local kids get to help create a story and then tell it on the radio.

"It's a big part of what Loyola does is embrace the community and very early on we decided we wanted to focus on children's literacy and education programs," said operations manager John Devecka.

Fast-forward some six years and "What Happens Next?" is born.

In this weekly program, children from Baltimore are presented with the first half of a made-up story. It's up to them to finish the story and then record it to be played on the radio.

"When they hear themselves in the recordings they are really proud of themselves," said Jovial Njinyi, What Happens Next.

Jovial Njinyi, a junior at Loyola, is now in charge of the show. She also comes up with the stories.

"When the kids come up with their endings is so crazy and funny and sometimes they argue with each other like, no that doesn't make sense. Like, why would you put aliens in this? And that sort of thing but it's also really cool to see them interact and develop their stories as well as develop their own stories," Njinyi said.

It's something they wanted to continue doing through the pandemic. So they posted the stories online, and set up a hotline for the kids to call and record their part.

"This is a time where kids are really cooped up and need those outlets and they need fun outlets that can keep them away from screens and can sit and imagine and embrace their own creativity," Devecka said.

One added benefit of doing it this way is it opens it up for everyone, so kids from all over the world can participate.

You can learn more on how to participate here.

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