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Loud Sex, Not Fight, Led To Suspect Firing Gun In Days Inn Shooting, Charging Docs Say

LOCH RAVEN, Md. (WJZ) -- It was loud sex, not a fight, that led a suspect to allegedly fire a gun at a security guard at a Days Inn in the Towson area Monday, according to charging documents.

Allison Daughtrey, 34, of the 2400 block of Woodcroft Road, was charged with second-degree attempted murder and firearm-related charges in the incident.

Woman Charged With Second-Degree Attempted Murder In Days Inn Shooting

Baltimore County Police responded to the Days Inn at 8712 Loch Raven Boulevard around 2:07 p.m. for a report of a disturbance.

The officer spoke with the security guard who informed him two motel guests were fighting in room no. 208, the charging documents state.

The two went to the motel room and spoke with a woman who told them her girlfriend, later identified as Daughtrey, left the room.

The woman told the officer she was having sex with Daughtrey, which was what caused the disturbance, according to the charging documents. The officer asked the woman to call her girlfriend so that they could speak with her.

Allison Daughtrey
Allison Daughtrey

Police learned Daughtrey was in another room with three children. The officer spoke to Daughtrey, who also said there wasn't a fight.

The security guard asked the couple and the children to leave. After about 20 minutes, they began to pack their belongings, but during this time Daughtrey and the security guard began yelling at each other.

The officer told the security guard to step away from the room so Daughtrey could pack.

After the family left, Daughtrey's girlfriend told the officer she left her cell phone in the room. While the officer was escorting her back to the room, Daughtrey was no longer by the vehicle.

As the officer started to go back to the patrol car, the officer heard a loud sound from the front lobby of the Days Inn that sounded like gunshots.

The officer couldn't see who fired the gun because the motel's windows were tinted so the officer called for backup.

An employee came out of the building and told the officer that the security guard had the suspect on the ground. Officers entered the lobby and saw Daughtrey being held down by the security guard.

Daughtrey was taken into custody.

After looking at surveillance video, police learned Daughtrey entered the lobby and there was a struggle between her and the security guard. That's when Daughtry pulled out a gun. She allegedly fired a round, but the bullet struck a metal frame near the lobby.

The security guard told the police, Daughtrey allegedly pointed the gun at his head. The surveillance video corroborated the security guard's story, according to charging documents.

After the gun was fired, the security guard held it with his left hand causing the gun to jam.

That's when Daughtrey allegedly but the guard's right arm, continuing to pull the trigger on the gun.

The security guard was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Front desk employees told police Daughtrey went into the lobby to ask for a receipt. They also said they could hear what they believe was fighting when the couple called the front desk earlier.

Daughtrey told police that when she went inside the motel, she and the security guard got into a fight and he struck her in the face.

She said when she swung her bag at the security guard, the gun fell out and fired.

Daughtrey told police she bought the gun in North Carolina in 2018.

"If I intended to ever use the gun, I would never have missed the target," Daughtrey said to police, according to the charging documents.


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