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Local Supermarket Gives People A Reason To Be Thankful

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --- Reports say most people spend about $55 on Thanksgiving dinner. As Mike Schuh reports, a local supermarket chain realizes some of its customers don't have that much money.

Some people might choose to skip Thanksgiving dinner because they don't want to cook. Others, don't have the money to afford a Thanksgiving feast. Some Baltimore residents like Anthony Carter, think about making other dinner plans to avoid the holiday expenses.

"Probably sit there and watch football and eat a bologna sandwich, seriously, yes," Carter said.

At ShopRite, people can nominate customers to win a free food basket filled with Thanksgiving food items. This is helpful for many people including ShopRite customer, Wilma Jeter, who can now have her family over for dinner.

"This means a blessing," Jeter said. "Even though they're working, even though they have homes to live in, there are a lot of working poor people."

On Monday morning, a Thanksgiving giveaway list has given hope to people who are having a hard time.

"Times is rough. Times is rough for everyone, but mainly for me because I'm disabled and I have three people in my family," Carter said.

Thanks to ShopRite, Carter's family is able to look forward to dinner Thursday. Sandy Brown with Klein's ShopRite says this is a way for this locally owned supermarket to give back.

"People were nominated, either they were nominated by friends or church groups, or community organizations and then from all of the people nominated we randomly pick 150 people," Brown said.

Pamela Walker, of Baltimore, is taking this kind act to another level. She's giving her basket away.

"I have a family in need who actually needs this. We're going to get it all together, prepare it for them and make sure they have a happy Thanksgiving as well," Walker said.

Klein's gave away 100 turkeys at its Liberty Road store and another 50 in Parkville.


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