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Local Runners Want Answers As Md. Preschool Teacher Recovers From Injuries Sustained In Boston Marathon Bombings

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Reaction is pouring in from local runners who ran the Boston Marathon and friends of a local victim who's still recovering from serious injuries in a Boston hospital.

Mary Bubala reports.

As events unfold in Boston, many are anxious to learn more about the motive of the two suspects--especially close friends of 29-year-old Erika Brannock.

The Towson preschool teacher's leg was amputated after being caught in the bomb blast.

"Not that there's a rhyme or a reason to it at all, but you know, what is it that would cause somebody to create so much terror in such an incredible city at a great event and hurt my friend," said Liz Harlan, Erika's friend.

Liz Harlan, along with preschool parents, has established a trust fund in Erika's name to help her with medical expenses as she heals and rehabilitates in a Boston hospital for at least a month.

While victims recover, the developments of the day were also affecting those from Baltimore who ran the Boston Marathon and then dealt with the bombing and the horrible aftermath of panic and tragedy.

"I think, like a lot of other runners, there's the sense of almost relief mixed with a lot of anger because obviously the one question everybody is going to want to know is why. And at the rate things are going that may not be answered. It may not be answered ever or at least for a really long time," said Ryan McGrath, local runner.

But Ryan McGrath says he and many others from Baltimore will be at the Boston Marathon again next year.

"Whether it's officially in the race or up to watch and support, I think next year's race will be even bigger," he said.

If you would like to donate to Erika Brannock's fund to help her recover, click here.

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