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Community MVP: I Believe In Me Girls empowers young women to thrive and lead

Community MVP: I Believe In Me Girls empowers young women to thrive and lead
Community MVP: I Believe In Me Girls empowers young women to thrive and lead 02:46

BALTIMORE -- A local non-profit organization is making sure the voices of girls are not only heard but amplified. I Believe In Me Girls is a grassroots group that aims to nurture the goals, ambitions, and potential of young women through mentorship and leadership training.

"What I've noticed over time is that the boys have so many different outlets and our girls are basically dying on the inside, and nobody was paying attention," Courtney Robertson said. "So, we've created this safe space for girls to learn, grow, and be themselves without judgment."

The organization's mission is to empower girls to B.E.L.I.E.V.E., which stands for Become Emerging Leaders Inspiring Excellence and Values Everyday. Through various programs and activities designed to boost girls' confidence, Robertson and her team ensure that young women can flourish and shine bright.

"It's been uplifting and empowering," Robertson said, "Just giving them a voice because so many of them don't know how to speak up for themselves, advocate for themselves, and just know what ultimately bring them joy. So, we create that space for them. It's heartwarming to see them grow in that space."

Yet, for all its success, the organization still faces challenges. Robertson shared that support in all forms, from resources to time, is essential for I Believe In Me Girls to reach the next level.

"We need therapists, people that are willing to donate their time to support the girls on a regular, consistent basis so that they can have that outlet to share what it is that they need," Robertson emphasized. "Our primary goal is exposing them to all of the things that they wouldn't ordinarily have."

To support this initiative and to help these young girls reach their full potential, Robertson calls upon the community to get involved, whether by lending a hand in their garden or teaching the girls new skills like sewing or cooking.

To learn more about the organization or to get involved, you can visit their website at

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