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Local Non-Profit Dreambuilders Is Making Desks For Howard County Students

HOWARD COUNTY, MD. (WJZ) — They typically build and repair homes after natural disasters, but COVID-19 is forcing the local non-profit, Dreambuilders to change how they give back.

Don't worry, they're still using their skills of building things to good use.

DreamBuilders is used to building and repairing homes after natural disasters. They had a trip planned to help rebuild Panama City Florida, but COVID-19 made them cancel that trip. Now, they're putting their talents to use in other ways.

The faith-based, Howard County non-profit is building small foldable desks for underprivileged students in Howard County schools.

"Myself and another Howard County teacher started to talking about some of our students don't have dedicated work spaces in their homes," said Pam Braises, a Howard County teacher who works with Dream Builders.

It's made up of a team of 50 volunteers who are working to make 120 desks.

"Having a place is sometimes overlooked," said Jeff Kassman, with the DreamBuilders Leadership Group, "The kitchen table may be crowded, the apartment may be tight, there may be multiple children. This allows them to open up the desk, work in an area and at the end of the night, close it up and put it under their bed."

After one day of building, it already looks like they will need to build more.

"We have learned that the demand is way beyond what we thought," said John McBeth, the founder of DreamBuilders, "We're being contacted by people all over the state and even outside the state."

If you interested in helping, visit

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