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Local Man Who Moved To Israel Reacts To The Intense Fighting

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A local family who moved to Israel last year is back in Baltimore visiting family.

The father talks to Mary Bubala about what it's like to live among the intense fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli airstrikes and Hamas rocket attacks continued for a third day after the collapse of ceasefire talks.

The Israeli military says it carried out 20 airstrikes early on Friday, targeting rocket launchers and weapons sites. It says Gaza militants fired two rockets at Israel.

In Gaza City, the Shamalak family was examining the aftermath of an airstrike that hit their house.

And here in Baltimore, David Cohen reacts to the violence he and his family will face again when they return to Israel next week.

"Where we live specifically, it's been one or two a day. In the south of Israel, it's been really constant and nonstop. We are really in tune with what's going on in the country because it's so small and from where we live we can hear the artillery and the airplanes," said Cohen.

Cohen works in Tel Aviv and says a few times he's been stuck outside when Hamas-fired rockets hit. He says there are protocols to follow and he says people should not fear living in Israel despite the violence.

"I really urge anyone who wants to visit Israel or move to Israel, it shouldn't stop you. It's really just a part of life. It  will go away after a little while," said Cohen.

Since July, the fighting has claimed more than 70 lives in Israel and more than 2,000 Palestinian lives.

On Friday, Gaza gunmen killed 18 alleged spies for Israel.

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