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Local artist to showcase massive mural at M&T Bank Stadium

Local artist to showcase massive mural at M&T Bank Stadium
Local artist to showcase massive mural at M&T Bank Stadium 02:16

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore Ravens fans will notice a new attraction inside of M&T Bank Stadium at the next home game.

There is a new social space for fans inside of the stadium that will feature artwork done by local artist Justin Glaze. 

The Ravens wanted to create a space for fans to connect with each other and the city of Baltimore, so they enlisted the help of the local artist, who just happens to be the brother of WJZ reporter Alex Glaze, to bring that space to life. 

Most fans attending the game are looking for food, maybe some new gear or to maybe just get to their seat. The Ravens are hoping that as of the next home game, fans will stop by a new area at the stadium.

"Not only is it a new point of sale, so you have your concessions, there's also TVs, there's tables, definitely a social spot," said Katie Bollinger, Marketing and Fan Development manager with the Ravens.

Fans also see a massive mural in the stadium.

"This mural is 5 feet by 10 feet, probably the biggest piece of art that I've worked on," Justin Glaze said. "I've done stuff about half this size, so I knew it would be a challenge. Once I finish, they're going to scan it and blow it up to 10 feet by 20 feet, so it's going to be monstrous."

Finding a local artist for this project was important for the Ravens.

So they found Justin Glaze.

"This is probably one of the more special projects that I have ever worked on just because it's something that is symbolic of home, my favorite team, my talent all combined into one," Glaze said.

The goal of the space is to connect fans to Baltimore. 

The Ravens want it to have an authentic Baltimore feel -- the grit and toughness of the city combined with the Charm City feel were all important elements in the design.

"Hopefully people stop, it draws them in and hopefully each element will speak to them and they'll get that hard, grit feel of Baltimore that I'm trying to bring in," Glaze said.

But the artwork isn't the only thing that will feel like authentic Baltimore. 

"It's also important for us to bring in elements, like the strong lights that you see in the neighborhoods and the brick like the row homes," Bollinger said. "We really want it to feel like traditional M&T Bank stadium, but also have the heart and soul of the community."

The new space will debut on October 2 when the Ravens host the Buffalo Bills. 

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