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Live Or Die? Marylanders Rally In Support Of Death Penalty Repeal

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Death penalty opponents speak out in favor of repealing capital punishment in Maryland. Governor Martin O'Malley is supporting a death penalty repeal this year.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on how Marylanders feel about eliminating executions.

Advocates calling for a repeal of the death penalty say the resources should be diverted from the death of the criminal to the victims' families. This group is taking their case to lawmakers, who also have strong opinions.

Senate President Mike Miller will vote against the repeal.

"There has to be an ultimate penalty for somebody who commits mass murder," Miller said.

But lawmakers appear on track to pass the repeal.

"I believe that there is the will in the Senate and I also believe there's the will in the House," O'Malley said.

And ultimately the will of the people.

"If it does pass, it will go to referendum and it'll be a very close vote by the people," Miller said.

"I don't fear the judgment of the people of Maryland," O'Malley said.

The Senate will be first to take up the bill.

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