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Left To Die, BARCS Rescues "Bo" But Needs Your Help

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Bo, a Cane Corso, is immediately rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after he's rescued by the BARCS Animal Shelter.

Vets say Bo was suffering from foreign body obstruction (he ate something he shouldn't have) and the lining around his organs was severely twisted, cutting off his body's blood circulation.

"Part of his intestines had died and are being removed and reconstructed," said BARCS.

Days without food, Bo weighed only 48 pounds, but doctors say if healthy he should weigh over 100 pounds.

"He can lift his head and wag just the tip of his tail, but that's about it. Even with our heavily discounted rate, this is going to be a very expensive bill for BARCS, but we are committed to giving Bo a chance," said BARCS. "Such a gentle, trusting and handsome boy--who's made it this far, fought this long to survive, deserves a chance at life. We are going to give it to him, even though his chances of survival are not certain at this time."

BARCS did not shed light on Bo's life before his rescue, but say they need your help.

If you would like to help to Bo's cause, CLICK HERE.

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