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Lawyer Jason Bonk On The Tom Brady Appeal Hearing

Jason Bonk is a sports attorney and litigator with the Cozen O'Connor firm in New York.

Jason joined Ed and Steve to talk about Tom Brady's appeal of his deflate-gate suspension.

Steve asked Jason what being in the courtroom was like yesterday. Jason said of the proceedings that, "it was interesting, Judge Berman wants this case resolved, we're talking about inflated ego's and deflated footballs, and Berman gave it to both sides."

Ed asked Jason about his thoughts on what he's seen so far in the proceedings. Jason noted that this case "is about the four game suspension, Judge Berman grilled the NFL first saying that the Well's report was garbage, then he grilled the Brady camp asking how Brady couldn't have known about the deflated footballs." Jason also acknowledged that Judge Berman wants the two sides to reach a settlement because the issue at hand isn't a very important one.

Jason went on to say that he believes the NFL now has all the leverage because it is not often that the courts will overturn an arbitration affirmation ruling. Jason also mentioned that he disagrees with comments made by Alan Milstein, who believes Tom Brady will win this case and not have to serve a suspension. Jason finished by noting that Tom Brady could have handled the entire controversy better had he "fallen on his sword the right way" from the beginning.

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