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Larry Hogan: 'Tonight, Real Change Has Come To Maryland'

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Larry Hogan is officially Maryland's next governor, after Anthony Brown has made a concession speech.

Jessica Kartalija spoke with gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan.


The theme of the evening has been taxes and supporters say that when Hogan enters office, he will hit the ground running.

"We're all so happy," said Ellen Sauerbrey, the press secretary for the Hogan campaign. "The results that are coming in are a testament to the fact that it's not just Republicans who are voting for's Democrats, it's independents."

"What a historic night in Maryland," Hogan said. "They said it couldn't be done here in Maryland---but together, we did it! I just received a very gracious call from Lieutenant Governor Brown. He was very gracious and congratulated me on being the 62nd governor of the state of Maryland."

Hogan thanked Brown and current Governor Martin O'Malley for their service to Maryland. He also thanked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his help and called this the biggest upset in the entire country.

"Thanks to the help of everyone in this room, this is the largest mandate for change in Maryland in 63 years," Hogan said.

He thanked those who voted for him, especially the people who crossed party lines to do so.

"This was a fight for Maryland's future and it was a fight worth fighting," Hogan said. "Tonight, real change has come to Maryland."

Larry Hogan and his wife Yumi cast their ballots in Edgewater before doing some last minute campaigning.

"We've run a tough fight and it's been a long campaign and we're feeling great that so many Democrats, independents and Republicans are looking to vote for a change of direction in our state," Hogan said.

"I've known him for a long time," said Harford County Executive David Craig. "It takes a lot of planning. You have to work very hard."

Then it was off to Annapolis with a stop at Chick and Ruth's, where Hogan hopes to add
his photo to the Wall of Governors.

Then off to Prince George's County, where Hogan continued to urge Marylanders to vote Republican.

It was some last-minute campaigning with Hogan supporters making a final push for votes. He stumped in Greenbelt and Bowie.

"Then, when I saw the governor standing there, the future governor, I just had to stop by and shake his band because you can really feel the momentum. You can feel the love; you can see it as the cars drive by supporting him and I think the tide is going to turn and I think we are going to win this one," said Joni McDuffy.

"We've been getting this kind of reaction everywhere in the state," Hogan said. "I hate to make predictions but we are feeling really optimistic and good and I think we have a chance to win this race but we need to get every possible vote out to the polls. It's going to be a really close race."

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