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Lantern Mindsets Sheds Light On Some Of Baltimore's Problems

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- WJZ is highlighting everyday heroes that make Baltimore a better place/

Lantern Mindsets is a network that interacts with youth to reduce crime and violence.

"Lantern Mindsets is a network of individuals and organizations," Eboni Yahudah, the organization's founder and president, said. "Everybody can basically say, 'I am a light and I am a resource to my community.' Not one community and not one building, but everybody identifies that there's light, there's a resource, there's a usefulness in each person."

Networking is important even in a pandemic environment, she said.

'We are a resource online," Yahudah said. "We are a resource in the community through events, through workshops, through community service. Post-COVID, so many things changed that we had to think about what it looks like in the community. What are we OK to do? What is safe for us? What do we need to have in place being a small organization?"

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lantern Mindsets held events that attracted public participation.

"The first event that I did was called The Spot, which was a musical marketplace," Yahudah said. "And I think everybody has been to one of those, right? Where you go in and, you know, you have maybe fire or six people on the stage. You have food vendors. You have some food." The organization also hosted another event called Eating with Our Hands, which focused on helping homeless people, she said.

Moving forward, Lantern Mindsets hopes to help people get to wherever they are going in life.

"If you have a lantern mindset and you have an event or you're looking for collaboration— maybe you're even looking for work—reach out to us," Yahudah said. "Let us know how we could help…We'd love to talk to you."

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