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WATCH: Lamar Jackson Locks Down Fan As Defensive Back, Then Burns Him As A Receiver

(WJZ)- NFL players are an entirely different universe of athlete in comparison to every day people. Over the weekend, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson provided that exact reminder to a fan who wanted to run routes against him at a local basketball court.

Jackson lined up as a defensive back first and the fan was unable to get away from his press coverage. Then, the pair flipped spots with Jackson acting as receiver and fan acting as defensive back. That went....about as well as you would expect for the fan.

Jackson burned him and served a good reminder of the different level of athleticism we're talking about when it comes to NFL players.

The moments were all in good fun though as a longer video from the weekend then showed Jackson serving as quarterback for a different one-on-one duel between a pair of guys. After tossing a long pass to one of them, Jackson can be seen running down the court with his hands in the air celebrating as if they had just scored a touchdown.

All in all, looks like Lamar had plenty of fun getting out and playing some school yard football with members of the community.

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