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Kinglet App Allows Small Businesses To Rent Space Easily

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A couple of entrepreneurs realized that by solving their problem, they could help a lot of small businesses.

And as Mike Schuh reports, it involves an app and a website.

The railroad barron who built 1001 North Calvert would recognize the exterior, but behind the door, a bold renovation.

Just the type of officer space attractive to a small start up or beginning business.

In fact, there are many offices here. Just the kind of space these two entrepreneurs were looking for.

Kinglet is a website. Kinglet is an app. Businesses with extra space appear here offering  to rent a little or a lot.

Kinglet came to be when its creators, who are commercial real estate agents couldn't find a good small office.

"We said, we're real estate guys. We know every property owner in the city, if we can't find a space what do small companies do?" Jeff Jacobson, Kinglet owner, said.

One month out of school, psychologist Maggie Perry needed a small office to see patients, but she didn't want a long-term lease.

"The big thing about renting another office would be that the longer contract would give me more risk," Perry said.

She spends $600 a month for her office including amenities, WiFi, heat, AC and use of group spaces, so she can do group therapy sessions.

Linda Rivelis owns historic buildings and pays Kinglet 10 percent of client's rent.

"We can save a building, build a business, and start a new company, make it grow nationally," Rivelis said.

This app has been compared to Uber and Airbnb, but for offices.

"We've taken a six to nine-month process of negotiating a lease, signing a lease, finding space and narrowed it down to just 48 hours," Jeff Jacobson said.

Kinglet expects to be available in DC, Philadelphia and New York soon.

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