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Republican Kimberly Klacik Says 'Innovative Ideas' Set Her Apart In 7th Congressional District Race

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Born in Accokeek, Maryland, Kimberly Klacik admits she is fighting an uphill battle to defeat a well-known and well-financed Democrat, Kweisi Mfume, in the race for the state's 7th Congressional District.

The local non-profit founder gained notoriety when she rallied people to help clean up Baltimore, which in turn prompted President Donald Trump to issue his now-infamous tweet about a "rat infested Baltimore."

That opened the door for her to run for Congress of the United States.

WJZ's Vic Carter: "You attended Bowie State University?"

Kimberly Klacik: "I did. I am a dropout, though. I will say that. College wasn't for me."

WJZ's Vic Carter: "You've never held political office?"

Kimberly Klacik: "Well, I'm on Baltimore County Central Committee, if that means anything [as far as political office]. But, yeah, I've never held political office before this."

WJZ's Vic Carter: "Do you currently live in the 7th District? For a while, you did not live in the 7th District."

Kimberly Klacik: "I currently live in Middle River, which is the 6th District."

WJZ's Vic Carter: "So, many people would ask the question: 'You don't live in the 7th District, you don't have a college degree, you've never held political office. Why would we want to vote for you for Congress.'"

Kimberly Klacik: "I guess you have to look at what I have experience in doing. My whole thing is, right now from what I see in Baltimore, there's a lack of career opportunities. I've helped over 200 women become gainfully employed, 30 percent went onto be financially independent. That's what I have experience in doing."

While Klacik does not currently live in the 7th Congressional District, she said she plans to move there if she wins.

In listing her priorities, Klacik says she would:

  • Court More Businesses - Asking Them To Move To Baltimore
  • Better Utilize The Port Of Baltimore As An Incentive To New Business
  • More Job Training
  • School Choice - Allowing Parents To Decide Where Their Children Should Attend
  • Allow For Over The Counter Sales Of Birth Control

"There's a lot of young women that depend on Planned Parenthood and other places to get birth control pills," Klacik said. "It's time to make it over the counter. Thirty-five countries already do it, 11 countries do it well as they make sure these women have pelvic exams and they're good candidates for it."

WJZ's Vic Carter: "Head-to-head with Kweisi Mfume, what do you bring to the table that he doesn't have?"

Kimberly Klacik: "I would say innovative ideas and I would say, I've been using that term unbought and unbossed. I get a lot of money across the nation, a lot of small donors. I don't have anyone in my back pockets. I don't have anyone... no special interest groups where I owe them any favors. I am strictly here for the people.

In a race that has a number of elements stacked against her, Klacik has one more: funding. So far,  according to her, she has received little to no financial support from the Maryland Republican party, nor from the GOP. She does, however, get small donations from individuals across the country.

WJZ also spoke with Mfume on Monday. Read more here.

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