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Kenny Albert On The Conference Finals In The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Kenny Albert is the play by play analyst for New York Rangers radio broadcasts and NHL national tv broadcasts on NBC Sports.

Kenny joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Finals series.

Kenny started off by talking about Henrik Lundqvist struggling and what is bringing that on saying "well it's certainly very uncharacteristic and he admitted after game 3 that he can't give up's not all on him there were too many bad penalties in game 2." As for who is the more underrated goalie Ben Bishop in Tampa or Frederik Anderson in Anaheim Kenny said "I think especially here in the East we don't hear much about Anderson and Bishop has done a great job the last regular seasons...Anderson is more of a surprise because Bishop has had regular season success the last two years." Kenny also talked about the Ducks and being slightly surprised that they were able to come back from the 3 overtime loss and win in Chicago in game 3, but Kenny said "never count the Blackhawks out."

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