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Police Investigating Crimes Involving 'Reckless, Out Of Control' Juveniles

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Baltimore Police Department reports they are investigating two incidents they believe are linked, in which the suspects range in age from 12 to 18.

After announcing their investigation into these cases, police said they were able to take four suspects into custody, but are still searching for additional suspects.

Police say these crimes occurred on Sunday, May 14, and Tuesday, May 16, both on Springlake Way.

Handguns were used in both cases, according to police, and the victims in both incidents were physically unharmed.

"Oh my goodness. I couldn't imagine. That's awful," Marisa Redden said.

In the first case, police say there were four suspects, whose ages ranged from 12 to 18 years old.

The suspects tried to take a woman's car keys, but ended up taking her cell phone instead.

"We absolutely believe these are linked incidents where a group of juveniles that are acting reckless and out of control and need to be controlled," said T.J. Smith of the Baltimore Police Department.

The second incident involved a woman and her 7-week-old. Five or six suspects approached her in broad daylight and wanted her keys.

They made off with the woman's Volkswagen Passat, and a day later, police were able to recover the vehicle in the 5900 block of Benton Heights, and take two juveniles into custody.

"It's extremely upsetting and we actually know the person that was victimized yesterday. On Mother's Day I went out and I saw a number of cop cars at the end of our alley, so it's upsetting," Maureen Renner said.

Last December, police say a 13-year-old with a replica gun tried to carjack a man in Carroll Park, but the 73-year-old had his own gun and shot the teen in the head. The teen was taken to the hospital.

Also in December, former Councilwoman Rikki Spector was attacked in a downtown garage.

Those car jacking suspects were also teenagers.

Councilman Brandon Scott said these types of crimes are not new and it's the adults who need to step up.

"Where are they getting the guns? No body should just be handing a young person a gun to go out and commit these crimes, and that's why we have to track down these people who are also providing these guns," Scott said.

None of the victims in the recent crimes were physically hurt.

Police arrested four juveniles Wednesday after they spotted the stolen car.

WJZ learned that victim is the wife of Brett Hollander a local radio host.

Police say these suspects are "reckless, out of control and need to be controlled."

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