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Justin Tucker Wins NFL Moment Of The Year Award For Record-Setting Field Goal

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Ravens kicker Justin Tucker won the 'Moment of the Year' Award at the NFL Honors Thursday night for his game-winning, record-setting 66-yard field goal against the Detroit Lions.

In the Sept. 26 match, Tucker made the kick as the game clock ran out in Detroit to lift the Ravens past the Lions for a 19-17 victory.

The ball sailed through the air, bouncing off the crossbar and then up and over to seal the win, bringing Baltimore to a 2-1 record on the young season.

Tucker's boot broke the previous 64-yard record set by Matt Prater in Denver in 2013.

In his acceptance speech Tucker shouted out his family, his teammates and God for what went into the big play:

"Wow, look at that. Thank you. First of all, I just want to say hi to my wife, Amanda and my son Easton, who are watching at home. I love you guys. I'll be home soon. You know, when you talk about what goes into a big play, you know, to me there's always an element of you got to be in the right place at the right time. And, you know, beyond that, you have to have the right people involved in that moment. So, you know, for us, we're not we're not even thinking about attempting that field goal. If it's not for Lamar Jackson and Sammy Watkins in our offense, getting us in position on fourth and 19 with seconds left. We're at the plus 48 yard line. Where you know, we're talking you know, we that kick doesn't have a chance if we don't have our offensive lineman, our tight ends, Calais Campbell, protecting upfront for that extra 10th of a second to give the ball a chance to get up and out. Then there's Nick Moore our long snapper, his first career game-winning snap, Sam Cooke, our holder and punter in my opinion in that order. He's the best in the business. Special message to you Sam Cooke: just way to do your job. And then I truly believe, you know, most importantly, in order to, you know, be a part of a big moment like that there has to be some divine intervention. So, you know, in order for that ball to go 66 yards, bounce off the crossbar, just so clear the uprights you know, there had to have been, you know, God was working so, so I'll leave it at that. Thanks to God."

The white No. 9 jersey, black pants and socks Justin Tucker wore as he kicked his record-setting 66-yard field goal last Sunday are now on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

And the ball that set the record?

"I'm holding onto the ball, I feel like I really want to keep that," Tucker said in September.

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