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Jury Finds Norwood Guilty Of Killing Co-Worker At Upscale Clothing Store

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ)-- Late Wednesday evening, a jury found a Bethesda woman guilty of first-degree murder. She killed a Johns Hopkins grad student inside the upscale store where they worked.

Kai Jackson has heartbreaking reaction from the victim's family and from jurors.

Jayna Murray's family stood outside a Montgomery County court Wednesday, their emotions still raw.

"Hearing that we got a first-degree murder verdict was very pleasing," said Hugh Murray, victim's brother.

After deliberating for one hour, a jury convicted Brittany Norwood of first-degree murder for killing 30-year-old Jayna Murray inside the Lululemon Athletica shop where the two worked.

The prosecutor says Murray's life was full of promise.

"But this is a woman with unlimited potential," said John McCarthy, the Montgomery County State's Attorney.

The murder happened March 11 at the upscale Bethesda store. Police say Norwood attacked Murray when Murray confronted her about stealing merchandise. Norwood initially told police she and Murray were attacked by two men-- a story prosecutors say Norwood fabricated.

"I think she's been remorseful from day 1 about this," said Douglas Woods, Norwood's attorney.

The family and jurors endured sobering testimony and graphic evidence, including pictures of some 300 stabbing and beating wounds police say Norwood inflicted upon Murray. That evidence weighed heavy, yet jurors say testimony from Murray's mother was powerful.

"What we all did was the most difficult thing when she took the stand," one juror explained.

"I know the trauma our family has been through," said Phyllis Murray, victim's mother.

Brittany Norwood's lawyer says he plans to ask the judge in the case for life with the possibility of parole at sentencing.

Brittany Norwood is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 27.

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